Our time of war was in the past,
And most of us came home.
Today we think of those who
Lying somewhere, all alone
Their resting place in far
off lands is often known,
By family and friends,   
but what of those who lost their lives,  
Remain still there, unknown,
and will until time ends?

Sometimes they fell and died,
in places still today unknown.
They lie there these passing years,
Not forgotten but alone.

Most of those who lost their lives,
returned to home-in time.
Others stayed near where they fell,
in some other place and clime.

Sometimes their resting place is known,
sometimes it could not be.
Some stayed behind in lands where life was lost,
Some sleep beneath the sea.

Sometimes a choice was made
to leave them where they fell,
Amongst comrades known and loved,
with whom they died, together fighting well.

Those waiting here know they won't come home,
From those wars across the sea,
With passing time their tears have dried,
replaced by memories.

Yes, we know that those who fell
Will never make it home:
Their loss of life became a tragedy
Worse yet-they lie alone.

 Ed Haldeman, Korea 1952-53