Our fathers went to war for peace
As did their fathers long before
They risked their lives so wars would cease
So many fell on far-off shores.

Locked in struggle much as before
Defending the human rights of man
Still another war to end all war
Yet conflicts never cease to end.

Each year we remember their sacrifice
At cenotaphs throughout the land
Thanking those who paid life's price
To keep the land on which we stand

Peace in our time once we did plead
Our approach timid as that of sheep
Their response was as wolves unleashed
And no words of reason would they heed

There is a proverb sometimes heard
"There is more truth in a single sword
Than can be found in a thousand words".
Still justice for all remains ignored.

We arm ourselves with a thousand swords
But words of peace should first occur.
The power of reason still has rewards
When both sides listen and concur.

More frequent now is heard the cry
Of tyranny in some far-off place.
Free nations heed and still comply
Where justice for all is still embraced.

We struggle on much as before
Battling another warring greed.
Yet another war to end all war
'Till worldly peace is guaranteed.

Ed Bauer
KVA Unit 72 Calgary