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The Korea Veterans Association of Canada (KVA) embodies the spirit of comradeship that was developed during the Korean War and the years that followed.

KVA is comprised primarily of members who served in the Canadian Armed Forces (Navy, Army, Air Force) in Korea during the 1950-1953 war and on peacekeeping duties in Korea from 1953 to 1955. Korea veterans who served with United Nations Forces from other countries as well as certain ancillary units are also eligible for membership (see Membership page).

At present there are 37 branches (units) across Canada. Each unit elects its own executive and most meet on a monthly basis except during the summer. KVA is divided geographically into five regions – Atlantic, Quebec, Ontario, Prairie and Pacific. Each region elects its own executive. At the national level the organization is governed by the National Council.  National Council is comprised of the National President, National Vice-President, National Immediate Past President,  five Regional Presidents,  and appointed National committee chairmen.

Biennial national reunions (combined with a convention business meeting) are held in even-numbered years. In recent years KVA national reunions have been held in Kitchener (2008), Quebec City (2006), Toronto (2004), Edmonton (2002), Ottawa (2000), Winnipeg (1998), Calgary (1996), Ottawa (1994), Victoria (1992). 

Most KVA regions meet annually or semi-annually and each unit within the regions hold meetings and social events.

Encompassed in the objectives of KVA are the welfare and concerns of Korean War veterans and their families. Representation is frequently made to government departments and other groups either directly or in conjunction with The Royal Canadian Legion or the National Council of Veterans Associations, to protect the interests of our members.

For further information see History of KVA.