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Casualty List
Korean War

Canadian Army 
1951  1952  1953

Royal Canadian Navy

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Although Canadian troops arrived in Korea in December 1950, they initially underwent extensive training and did not see action until February 1951.  

The following casualty lists were Department of National Defence press releases for the media.  It should be noted there is a time lapse between the actual dates of casualties and the dates indicated in the press releases.  For example, Casualty List No. 1 is dated 2 March 1951 .  However, Privates Andersen, Brown, Colbourne, MacKay and O'Brien were killed in action on 23 February 1951 .  

Deaths from accidents and other causes were not listed in Official Casualty Lists prior to 2 March 1951 , although they were after that date.  

Categories in the following lists include:           


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Killed in Action


Died of Wounds

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Killed in Accidents

Injured in Action

Accidentally Wounded

Missing in Action

Dangerously Ill

Prisoner of War

Returned From Prisoner of War
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The KVA Memorial Book details the Honour roll of Fallen comrades 1950-1956 and includes, Regimental Number, Rank, Name, Age, Date of Death, Regiment, Corps, Service or Ship and Location of remains.
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Initially, personnel unit affiliation was not included in the lists; it commenced with Casualty List No. 46, although some were identified by corps, such as the Royal Canadian Infantry Corps (RC IC), rather than by battalion and regiment.

A few of the lists are missing numerically.  Hopefully, further research will fill the gaps.

Casualties in the Royal Canadian Navy are listed following the Canadian Army casualty lists.


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