The bursary shall be known as The Korean Veterans National Wall of Remembrance Bursary and this shall be abbreviated to Wall of Remembrance Bursary for cheque writing purposes.

Educational institution:

Any Secondary School student in Canada may apply.

Qualifying Students:

1. The recipient must be a Canadian citizen.

2. The student must be enrolled in an institution providing Post Secondary Education and provide proof of same.

3. The applicant must provide the Committee with an official transcript of High School marks.

4. The student must be in receipt of a student loan and provide proof of the amount to the Committee.

5. The award will be granted to students who have demonstrated academic promise and a financial need.

Application Procedure:

1. Applications must be received by the 22nd of October each year.

2. The Committee will render a decision and notify the successful applicants by December 31st .

Awarding Committee:

The Awarding Committee will consist of at least three Directors and the Chairman of the Bursary.


Applications will be forwarded to all Canadian Post Secondary institutions by September of the Year 2000 to commence the Bursary Program.


The Bursary will remain in effect in its current form until such time as no Korean Veterans are
capable of administering it. Provision will be made in advance that another Association or a financial institute will be given power to continue.


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