Patricias in the Korean War is a first person account of action by 3rd PPCLI on the Hook in November, 1952. It also covers the 2nd PPCLI on Hill 532 in March, 1951 and at Kapyong in April, 1951. Also covered is the 2nd R22eR on the saddle near Hill 355 in a tough week-long winter action in November, 1951. The author covers the 2nd RCR's Battle of Chai-li in May, 1951 and the 1st RCR's  Battle of Hill 355 in considerable detail and includes the 3rd RCR's battle on Hill 187 of May 3, 1953 in summary notes.
   Also included is a good account of the 29th Independent British Infantry Brigade in the Battle of the Imjin River in April, 1951, in which the 1st Battalion of the Gloucestershire Regiment was captured. The author interviewed several Gloucesters who survived the battle then spent two years in a Chinese prison compound. Also interviewed was one who escaped with the remnants of D Company just before the surrender.
   While not purporting to be a cut and dry history, the work by this author who has spent a lifetime in journalism with major daily newspapers, Time magazine and other media is poignant and brings home to the reader of today some of the horror and hardships fought by Canadians, and others, and their valour in Korea so long ago.

Hardcover ISBN 0-9686150-1-5
Paperback ISBN 0-9686150-0-7

Published by North American Heritage Publishing Company, Windsor, Ontario, Canada and Royal Oak, Michigan, USA. Published 2000.

6 1/2" x 9 1/2"   560 pages

Temporarily out of print. Available  in some libraries including the Department of National Defence Library and the National Library of Canada in Ottawa.