Canadians Our Heroes 

1950  - 1953 Korean War

Authors: HooJung Jones / Tom Somers




The book honors and remembers those Canadians who served in the Korean War while documenting and preserving Canadian military history. This book is currently used as a text supplement in a number of Grade 10 Canadian classrooms, and is of interest to schools, libraries and historians to name a few.

Richly produced with colour and original photography, this book is the first book ever written in English and Korean about the Korean War.

ISBN:0-9735731-0-4 , 176 Pages   Full Colour  Coffee table book - 9" x 12"   Hard and Soft Cover

  Published by HooJung Jones and Tom Somers, 2005

142 Kitty Murray Lane,  Ancaster, ON L9K 1K8, Canada ,  Tel / Fax 905.648.9433

*Currently  out of print